Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OH.... you just stay home?

How many times have I heard that?  Oh you just stay home with the kids?  You don't have a job?
HA HA HA, yes most of those phrases were spoken to me by men....
I will admit one of my favorite times of day is when I put Sophie down for her nap.  My second favorite time of day is when Portia, my soon to be 8 year old comes home from school.  She is always so happy when she walks through the front door.  She skips to the bathroom to wash her hands (I've trained her well), and then she runs to the kitchen to get a snack.  Today she picked ritz crackers, lunchmeat and shredded cheese.  She got a plate for her baby sister and included her in the preparation of this snack. 
I love when Portia and Sophie sit at the bar in the kitchen and eat their snack together.  While they eat I usually am making cookies, or ironing, or prepping food for dinner.  I love hearing about her day at school or listening to her tell her little sister how to make the "ritz sandwich". 
Today I told Portia  that I was thinking of letting Sophie try out her big girl bed tonight.  Portia said, ya mom, she can always sleep in my bed too!  At first I thought, ugh, no what if someone gets sick, or they will be fooling around and playing instead of going to sleep.
But then I thought, how sweet was that , that Portia is willing to take care of Sophie and help her make the adjustment from crib to bed.  And is it really a big deal if they fool around for a while before bed?  Well it probably will be tonight when I try it and they are screaming and jumping on the bed, and come running out of their room a million times, but I'm going to give it a go!
I want them to have fun memories of their childhood and those aren't always on vacations or from huge events, they can be snuggling up with your sissy in bed at night.
When I was little my sister and I had seperate rooms, with a passageway in our closet.  At night, I would go through the closet to sleep in my sisters bed.  I think we should have shared a room, but there was just the two of us and I supposed my mom thought why not give them each their own room?
With five children we have had to add on to the vintage farm house, but the two youngest still have to share a room and I'm glad :)
WOW I really got off track today..... I was saying  this "just staying home" business is the most important business!  How would we have any good people in the world if it weren't for us stay at home moms?  I think we are vital to the world!  Without us everything would collapse! 
So give yourselves a pat on the back girls, chin up and carry on!

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