Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lessons from a Walmart Cashier part 2

So.......... I was at my colonoscopy consult this morning,  I know, do you really need a consultation to see if you would like to go ahead with this awful procedure?  I guess you do.. I should know, this is my third one.  Or is it fourth?  No I think third.  But I do not remember the others having this lovely "consult".

Mom died of colon cancer, so that is why I must get colonoscopy's done every 5 years.  I will admit I was supposed to have it done last spring, but I dread it.  Not the actual procedure, but the "prep".  I'll tell you about that when I'm actually doing it... I meant to bring my camera to the endoscopy office, but I forgot..

I don't know what this has to do with my cashier lesson, it was just one of my errands today..  So I go to Walmart early this week for groceries, because we are out of everything.  Now I am in a much better mood than last week.  But I know I can always expect some type of  lesson from the cashiers so I've come to look for it.
First let me tell you I did pay it forward  from compassionate grandpa and gave some money at the Starbucks drive-thru for the lady behind me, did you guys do anything?
Anyway I get in line with Peggy at Walmart, she is nice and asks me how my day is going, just like at Starbucks drive-thru.  One day I am just going to be honest and say well I have a migraine and I feel like crying.
But today I do not and smile and say good.  I unload and pull up to checkout, she has the whirly thing full already so I'm putting bags in my cart.  Now I always fill my cart, sometimes I have to hang on to items so they don't fall off.  So I have alot of bags.  I've got the cart loaded with bags of groceries, and she comes across the magnifying mirror I am buying, scans it and starts walking over to my cart.  I thought , oh my she is  going to try and find the bag with the lotion!!  She digs through my cart, checking several bags,  to find the bag with the lotion, bless her heart, she is organized.    I think it bothered me a tad bit, because I had a Walmart cashier do this several times once.  She kept bringing things to my already full bags in my cart.  I didn't want a cart organizer.
Why do these things bother me so much?  I get just as irritated when I have to go to customer service to return something, they always ask you why you are returning it.  And I wonder if my reason will be good enough for them...   There is a return lady at Target who scares me.
She is always mad, never smiles, and acts like you have brought her a bag of rocks when you present your return to her.  I've tried to make friends with Target return lady.  I always smile real big and try and make conversation with her.
She never responds...  My friend called me one day and said Oh return lady at Target is nice to me now!  She smiles at me!   So I thought oh good , my next return won't be so bad!
Not me, I went up to the counter all smiles and had a few funny comments in mind to make her smile... didn't work.
Maybe I will make that my new mission, to get Target return lady to smile at me!  I'll keep you posted.

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