Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Dream

My dream is to have a workspace like the artists in Where Women Create magazine.  I think it is so inspiring to look at that magazine!  This is my current Where Prudence Creates area (dining room).  I have the lamp on the table because I LOVE IT! And sometimes I turn it on at dinners.  It is very messy right now, because I am creating a new Lollibag, a smaller version of the green one way below..

Lauren and I have both of our sewing machines on this little table.  Again it is a mess, we are both very messy when we sew.

I love these two white chippy paint shelves.  They are vintage of course.  They hold our favortie things and things that need to stay out of Sohpie's hands.

Here is a vintage wall basket to hold scraps and things and an L for Lauren.  Our thread and a picture from a magazine that has inspired us.
Lauren's jar of vintage buttons, she has been collecting for years.
So as you can see this is NOT impressive!  But it is all we have right now.  I do have visions of re-doing my oldest son Josh's room into a workspace.  But my dear son still lives at home.  So for now we will over take the dining room.  OH and I also want to be featured in Where Woman Create.  Someday..

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