Friday, January 13, 2012

New Lollibag's!

I am sloooowly getting back to sewing after my winter break.  I always take a break sewing over the holiday's.  I'm am excited to hop back at it.  (And I've been too busy experimenting with cheesecakes to sew).....I guess I like cheesecake, didn't know that.

Here are my three latest Lollibag's :)

This Lollibag is so full of vintage, maybe overvintaged?  No, no such thing.  The ruffles, lace trim and flower are all vintage fabric.  Interior is Heather Bailey fabric and a vintage shell button.  I think it's a perfect spring bag, you can never prepare for spring too early!

I love this knit.  It is vintage, so retro.  It seems familiar doesn't it?  You probably had a short sleeve shirt made from it when you were a kid in the 70's.  This bag has the same Heather Bailey fabric interior and my favorite vintage button to close it.  I have been saving this button because I love it so much, I just couldn't imagine sewing it on a bag.  But I think this vintage striped knit calls for it, don't you?  Yes!  I love it on this Lollibag!

A little Lollibag made from brown corduroy.  It has linen ruffles and a patch of vintage 60's fabric on the front.  It closes with a green vintage button.  I love the orange thread.  Do you know a little girl who would love this?  Portia already asked for it and I said no you have to many Lollibag's already!  But there is NO SUCH THING as too many Lollibag's, what am I talking about???

Are you gearing up for spring?  I am, I can't wait!  I have new shrubs and flowers in my future!

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  1. So adorable and sweet..that first one has me doing a little happy dance up are sooooo talented! xoxoxo Happy weekend.


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