Monday, January 9, 2012

My Yellow Chandelier!

Well I finally did it, I found a chandelier.  I had discovered this chandelier in a magazine a long time ago and then forgot about it.  Until..................after 300 pages of online light surfing, I refound it!

It came in many colors, but I chose yellow.  Of course the shades were extra, sometime soon I will get them.

I love it, I think it's me, and it will look even better with shades.  If you would like to know where I purchased this light, please e-mail me.  It has been quite a fiasco.  And this light is not the best quality,  by all means I should be returning it, but I love it so much and cannot find it at any other store.

Over the weekend we celebrated Portia's golden birthday, her 10th.  It's not really until Tuesday but....
She wanted her barbie cake again and she designed her outfit and hair ribbon.  What do you think?

Guess what?  I signed up for  cake decorating class!  For the next 4 Tuesday night's I will be taking a basic cake decorating class and I'm kind of excited.  It is hard for me to do this by myself, but I decided to do it!  Wish me luck!


  1. Love the yellow, esp. with the vintage sign behind it!!=) Such a cute Barbie cake...ahhh, brings back memories, Happy New year and Happy Cake decorating to you;)

  2. I adore your sunny yellow light!!! It is beautiful and so unique!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter...and have fun at the cake decorating class..oh I would love to do that someday. xoxox HUGS


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