Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY homemade granola

I have always loved granola.  My mom used to make it when she was in her "health kick" days, those days started when we lived in Arizona.  She took a health food class and came home and bam! The next day we were drinking raw milk with chunks of cream floating in it, eating raw wheat germ on everything and making homemade granola!  Looking back, it was kind of "hippyish" of my mom!  I am so proud of her for doing that.

So maybe that is where my love of granola started.....I usually buy Cascadian Farms organic granola at Walmart, but it is almost $3.50 a box and I always buy more than one box, so it adds up rather quickly.
I found my mom's granola recipe, but to my surprise there is sugar in it!  So I don't want to use that one.  I found a recipe online but I changed it a lot, so I guess I'll call this my own.

Homemade Granola

3 C whole rolled oats
a little salt
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 C organic pure maple syrup
1 C coconut flakes, I use Tropical Traditions coconut chips (so, so good)
1/2 C cold milled flax (I got it from Costco)
You may put a little agave nectar or honey in there if you like it sweet.  If you do, you may want to use less maple syrup, you'll have to experiment.

Stir all ingredients together and put on a cookie sheet with sides.  Bake at 300-325 for 15 min.  Stir and bake another 10-15 min.  After it is cool you may add raisins or whatever dried fruit if you like.

This is so easy and so yummy!


  1. Sounds like a great recipe! I find that everytime I make granola, it doesn't last very long. :( But hard to be mad when it's such a good snack! (Followed you over here from

  2. Hi:). Found you via MJ GabGirl. I was just thinking of making granola myself...I grew up on Muesli. Most of the boxed ones (even the ones that used to be "clean") are not so healthy anyways. Thanks for the recipe! Greetings,
    Heike, FarmGirl #2245


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