Friday, September 30, 2011

The hallway is ready to show you.....

You say, is that all that's ready??  Yes, I am afriad so.  I still have piles of boxes and things to hang in every room of the house!  My dear sweet husband, says he will not be working inside the house while the weather is nice.... while I appreciate what he is saying, that means I will have my piles for a few more months until the weather is cold.

Remember my nice long hallway in Oregon?  I had all my pictures there.  I am truly befuddled as to what to do with these 12 ft. ceilings I have!  Do I decorate up to the top?  Do I only do midway?  What?  Do I get decorative curtains?  Great, how much will those cost?  So if you know please tell me.

Here is my hallway...

It is so dark in here, I had to turn on my hall lights.

You can kind of see my wall lights, I didn't like what was here when we moved in, so I found these lights at Menards, kind of like Home'll never guess how much they were.  A box of 2 for $5.99!!  At the end of the hall is my laundry room and on the left are the stairs to the basement.

To the right is my kitchen at the end of the hall to the right is the master bedroom.  The first door on the left is the pantry and the door right after it is the half bath.  I do have that done, I could show you that too!

So from right to left, laundry, stairs to basement, half bath, pantry...  I do like my Cotton Balls white, but I am noticing how dirty everything gets.  That goes for white baseboard and doors too.  But I love it, I would still choose white even with the dirt!

Have a great weekend, and leave me a high ceiling decorating tip, please!

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