Monday, September 19, 2011

Creative Connection's

Hi, I'm home.  I made it.  I didn't think I would.  But really this year was a whole lot easier, being I live in Minnesota now!  I didn't feel the greatest but my sister came with me and stayed the whole time!  She was a huge help.  Thank you sister!!

Again, I met alot of great women.  Really nice women.  I will start with the old faithfuls, I'll call them.  A couple ladies who I met last year and they are genuine, stayed in touch with me and came by to see me again!

The first is Koralee from Bluebird Notes.  Who doesn't follow Koralee?  No one.  And rightly so, have you been the recipient of one of Koralee's sweet e-mails?  You know what I'm talking about if you have.  Well she is the real deal.  That's not fake.  And her hugs are even better!

I like the lady showing her friend a Lollibag in the background :)

Another friend I met last year is Hollie from Funky Junk.  She bought a Lollibag last year and wore it right away and in turn all kinds of ladies saw it and came over to buy their own!  We have stayed in contact this last year and I was so happy to see Hollie again this year!

A new friend I got to see this year was Deborah from Art & Soul.  I love meeting a bloggy friend.  Deborah volunteered for Creative Connection, she drove up from Iowa.  Let me tell you.... I was not expecting such bubbles, such happiness, she called me sunshine, but that was the exact word I was going to use to describe her!!  She is a ray of sunshine.  Not only has she sent me encouraging comments on my blog since I met her online, but she is even better in person!  Deborah, it was so nice to meet you and hopefully I'll see you again someday!

Holly from Decor8 stopped by my booth!!!  My sister and I chatted with her for a bit, she is very nice and she is on a whirlwind book tour.  My lands, I don't know how she is surviving the travel.  But what fun!  She said this was her favorite Lollibag...

I met the ladies from Whippy Cake... a-dor-able.  My sister and I were sitting back and just watching the people walk by.  This cute tiny pregnant girl is meandering by and sister and I both say... Oh look how cute she is!  She had the cutest dress on and her short blond hair was so stylish and she stopped in my booth and picked out 3 Lollibag's!  We found out she is from Whippy Cake.  Super cute hair accessories.  Super.   Cute.  I got a couple headbands for my girls.  They love them. (this picture is the next day...)

This year at Creative Connection there was a new booth called Enchanted Makeovers.  I had read about it before the show and knew I wanted to donate a Lollibag.  When I got to the show and read what they really do, I was amazed!  Terry Grahl, the founder and president, told me they go in to women's shelters make over the rooms so the women feel encouraged that they are worth something to start a new life.  Myself, being in an abusive marriage at one time, I knew I wanted to give a Lollibag.

So I grabbed a few Lolli's and went over to her booth and I started crying... great.  I said I was in an abusive marriage and thank you for what you are doing!  My Lollibag's will go to women and girls who have nothing and maybe it will brighten their day, maybe they can take a Lollibag on a job interview or to school and not feel bad that they are living in a shelter.  You really need to check out her website and see the amazing transformations they do.  It still brings tears to my eyes.  This is what means something!  This is what storing up treasures in heaven is, what Terry does!!  Please if you create something or can donate time or money, it is such a worthy cause!  The photo below is a bedroom that they are donating to twin girls.  That is Terry Grahl.

Here are a few pictures I took of the event and of my booth....

 My sister, Jessica, at my booth...

My sister and I.  We get alot of..... are you guys twins?  ha ha, we think that funny, we don't see how someone could mistake us for twins.  Also alot of......OH you MUST be sisters!

I also met a lady who has a shop in Florida, she bought 6 Lollibag's for her store in Sarasota.  She said she is in the process of changing the name, so I'm not sure what the new name is but check out her website or stop in! Buy up the Lollibag's!  I hope it's the start of a nice relationship between us!

And there is it girls!  Another year gone by.  I am going to go collapse on my sofa and read a good book! 


  1. Yeah...Great booth...So happy for your success!

  2. YIPPEE! I loved this post from last year and this one was spectacular...since I know some of these lovely ladies from blogging too! How exciting and fun! I so wish I could do that too! Oh, and Sarasota is only an hour from me! Can't wait to find out what shop it is is...we go there of fun day excursions. As lollibags are just perfect. :)

  3. You my friend are way tooooooo sweet for words...I love you and your happy to have been able to see you time I think we must get together for a tea date. Your bags are daughters already want to steal my new one...sending you oooooodles of love. Can I steal your image and put it on a post and send some of my readers your way?
    Off to school....sigh...TCC was just too fun. Love and hugs. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. It was so wonderful to see you and your sister; and I see many, many of my favorite lollibags in your pictures=)!! Thanks for introducing to so many more wonderful people, and for sharing about the Enchanted Makeovers..I took a pic of the sign to remember it~lots of love to you and yours

  5. Oh my gosh - your booth was so full of cute bags. I almost bought a pink and green ruffled bag and then I saw Stacey Julian at the airport with it on the way home!

    Sharon :-)

  6. I had the good fortune of purchasing one of your bags at TCC. All I can say is I NEED MORE! I just love them;D You have a new fan!!


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