Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall is quickly turning to winter...

Here in good ole Minnesoooota!  I really did forget how brutal it is.  But this weather has me turning to winter fabrics, cozy, soft and warm. 

Fuzzy suiting fabrics, courduroy in brown, suiting in gray.  Warm linen's, bright interior's, big coppery button's.  Ribbon's in mustard.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I have just a tiny tidbit...  Fall should go through Thanksgiving right???  It is getting alarmingly cold here, pretty quick.  But I know this is quite warm compared to what's in store!


  1. Pure JOY my friend...hope all is well. Use my bag it to bits.
    I have not forgotten about using your image of us...I think in November I will do a Christmas shopping post and send my readers your way! Hugs and love to you. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Wow, amazingly beautiful combos you have made!! I . want. them. all.=)
    Happy Fall~
    Keep Warm~


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