Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Lollibag's

I just cannot get over the sun here in Minnesota!  I love it.  After spending 9 long rainy, gray winters in Oregon, I am thankful for the sunshine!!  It is a bit deceptive, Sophie thinks since the sun is out that means we get to play outside.  Most days we do, but now we have to bundle up.

My sewing machine is by a big window in my dining room and when I sew the sun hits me and dare I say, sometimes it's too bright??  I quickly push that thought aside because I would rather have a too bright sun than no sun at all.

This is a chocolate brown corduroy, size small Lollibag.  The flower is striped cotton with the edges pinked (my sister's idea).

This Lollibag is made from a fuzzy brown suiting fabric with loads of ruffles in linen and cotton and very old lace on top.  It's warm and cozy.

I bought this pink polyester fabric at The Salvation Army, I LOVE that store!  I absolutely love this cheesy old fabric.  Doesn't it look like pink sherbert?

I got an e-mail from etsy today, I'm sure you guys get them too, but there was a shop featured in the e-mail and I instantly fell in love, with this garland of pom pom's.

Don't you love it?  I am  I-N  L-O-V-E!  I actually may have to have one!  Her shop is

I am seriously thinking of Christmas shopping about now.  My best friend and I are hitting a huge thrift shop next week to start.  I want to try and buy used or handmade this Christmas.  Okay I may get a Wii game for my kids....

Where are you going to shop?  I hope you'll stop by Lollipookiesoap!


  1. I love your bags sweet Prudy! And so happy for your sunshine!

  2. Pom poms are very addicting my your new bags. xoxo HUGS


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