Thursday, November 18, 2010

Letter to Santa....

I have two children left that still sit on Santa's lap.
This is Portia's letter to Santa this year.

Dear Santa
  So I am haveing a problem.  I don't now what to get from you.  You deside.  OK here they are.
1. The "Sun Set" Malibu barbie 'n friend's,
2. The barbie camper or
3. Juliette Hair Styling Salon.
you You chouse chouce  chose choes chore choues
love Portia

So my dilema is......
Portia loves looking at my vintage 1971 Sears toy catalog.  WELL... she decided to write her Christmas list from that!!
I said honey, they don't make those toys anymore, so Santa won't be able to get them.
She said...


Santa can make anything!
At least she gave Santa a choice!

I adore date night, it actually makes my whole week.
Lauren who is 14 does the babysitting.  I also adore having children old enough to babysit!

I found these picture on my camera after date night last week.
This is what my girls do when we are gone...

So they dance around to the music station on TV...

Use the baby rattle for a microphone...

At least Sophie had her bath already.

Nothin' like some air guitar with your umbrella.

Nice one Lolli!

So this is why the dishes are never done when we get home!!


  1. Love her letter!!! I use to have the Barbie camper... I wish I still did so Santa could send it to Portia... Nothing like making them believe just as long as ya can....All mine are to big for Santa now....Even the 12 year old...:( Many Blessings, Deborah
    PS. Looks like the enjoy dated night too!

  2. What an adorable post my friend....good luck finding those 1971 toys! So cute.

    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me today...I soooo appreciate them. It is nice to know others feel the same way about the made me chuckle today.
    I really am ok....but will be a lot happier once this is all over.

    Have a great weekend and date is soooo cute to see your girls having fun while you are away...tee hee.


  3. What good girls!

    I bet Santa could find those items on Ebay. :-)


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