Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday is all mental

I'm sure of it.
I've never gone out on black friday.
But this year my boys talked me into it. 
I thought... well sure lets grab a deal.
We went to Target at 7am and it was still packed.
NOTHING I wanted to get was on sale or discounted in the least!

So off we went to the mall.  Well gift cards are not on sale.
NOTHING at the mall I intended to buy was on sale!

I think it's a psycological ploy. 
You think, well, these must be good deals if everyone is getting up at the crack of dawn!
Never again.
I am going to check out cyber monday.

Our family tradition is...
I buy the kids a hallmark ornament and wrap it up on Thanksgiving.
After Thanksgiving dinner we put the tree up and they open their ornament.
Then when they are ready to leave home,  they take their ornaments with them and have a lifetime of memories for their first Christmas tree on their own.

We have so much fun every year getting all the ornaments out and saying...
"OH, remember this one!!?"
I love it.

We listen to Christmas carols, decorate the tree, and set up the train around the tree.
I cannot believe another Christmas is here already!
Every year that flies by, I am that much closer to my boys leaving home.
I am not ready.

I am thankful they are still home.

Saturday starts the Christmas Tree Farm sale!
Every Saturday and Sunday up to Christmas Eve you can come and cut a tree from our farm.

When do you gals put your tree's up?


  1. adorable pics! i didn't do black friday this year, nothing seemed to be that great of a deal... i put my tree up last sunday, lol! i was just feeling festive i guess:)

    happy holidays ♥

  2. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving day my friend...we kinda did that ornament thing to but somewhere along the way stopped it. May have to bring it back.

    Up in Canada we do not have black friday...guess I am not missing anything..

    Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessing...sweet sweet family you have my friend. xoxoxoox

  3. Yah Black Friday is a joke. Like at Best Buy they advertised a computer at a great savings, but yet they only have 2 in the store. So if you camp outside the store for a day in advance, pitch a tent in subzero weather, are the first in line, and run like a crazy monkey towards the computer dept, you might get one. But to me it is not worth it. Cyber Monday is waaaay better.
    The ornament thing you do with the kids is so nice. I should adopt that idea. I was going to put the tree up this past weekend, but didn't because I was just too lazy! This week though it is going up.
    Great pictures of the kids! They look so happy!

  4. No way!! We have the exact same tradition. Tree day after Thanksgiving, new Hallmark for each kid, first married Christmas, your ornaments are all wrapped super duper pretty and placed under the tree to take to your new home.

    As a matter of fact, our son Andrew married in May and his ornaments are wrapped and stacked in beautiful boxes under the tree. I can't wait til he gets here and opens them.


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