Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Christmas Decor

I am not really crafty, some might say since I sew Lollibags I am.
But I am not.
And I really cannot do crafty things with a lot of steps.


I love old kitchen things, such as:
dishes, molds, bakeware, vintage tupperware, vintage pink kitchen stuff.

So when I saw this vintage metal mold, I had to have it.  But then I got it home and wondered what I would do with it?

So I got a red ribbon and made a "wreath" out of it.
Every Christmas I hang it up in my kitchen window.

I also did this with a huge pinecone I had.  I hang this one in my dining room window.

Don't you love light up houses?  There is something about them.   I want to shrink myself up and live in them.

I imagine there is a Christmas party going on inside.

A huge turkey in the oven.

And mugs of hot cocoa with peppermint sticks and giant square marshmallows.

I bought these cute glitter roof houses at Pottery Barn two years ago on clearance.
I keep checking every year for  Pottery Barn to bring them back.  Not yet.
Unless I haven't seen them this year yet.

I put one house in each of the girls rooms the day after Thanksgiving and they use them for night lights till Christmas.
They look so pretty even in the dark, lit up. 
I'm sure the girls lie awake at night imagining their own little world in the glitter roof house.


  1. Oh, I love all of this! And I love light up houses too. We have a whole village and I am sad to say we have nowhere to put them this year. So they are still packed away. But I love your creativity. Always! And you are creative my dear! VERY!

  2. Prudy ~ Do you think we might be related because we seem to love all the same things? Oh wait, we are related. We have the same dad. :-)


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