Monday, November 8, 2010

All I want for Christmas is....

My house sold and a Lehman's gift card!

I know...Lehman's... you ask?

Yes, there is something about being able to make do and live off your land, that appeals to me.
Odd, I know.
Since I also cannot live without a trip to the cosmetics counter once a month.
Or a beauty salon.
And every garden I've ever planted has failed.

Where did these two sides of me come from?
They are so different!

I mean how odd is it that if you gave me $400, I would really be waivering between a Kate Spade dress or kitchen supplies from Lehman's???

Practicality will win out every time.

One thing I have ALWAYS wanted to do, is to bake my own bread.
I just have never been good at baking with yeast.

I want to get my own 25 lb. bin of Prairie Gold Wheat Berries

and grind my own flour with this mill.

and then bake it in my oven heated by a wood fire.

And I'll tell ya somethin' else...

I WILL have a farmhouse sink in my next kitchen!

When we moved to this farm 7 years ago, hubby promised me I could do whatever my heart desired on the inside.  He said if you just will move here for me, you can decorate and remodel as you wish.

Well when I showed him the picture of the farmhouse sink I wanted, that promise went straight out those 1972 windows!

Hubby didn't like it.

Did you gals know you can get a farmhouse sink at Ikea for only $299?
I'm not saying I wouildn't love Kohler's vintage look sinks, Oh yes that would be my dream sink.

But if it comes down to the bare bones of either I get my farmhouse sink from Ikea or none at all, you bet I'm having that Ikea sink.

So yes I am assuming there will be some remodeling going on at the new home we will live in, wherever that may be.  Even if the only thing I do is to install a farmhouse sink.

I have really gotten off track here. 

I am going to try and bake my own bread. I am going to the health food store to buy a small portion of wheat berries and grind them up in  my vitamix.  And then I am going to try my  hand at homemade bread.

I would love to not buy bread at the store anymore.

Do you guys have any advice for me? 
Or good bread recipes?


  1. Ah, I know the feeling! We're selling our house, and that is at the top of my Christmas list as well. I have a great recipe for you. It is healthy,and uses instant yeast, which is far more forgiving than the regular kind... here is the link to the post:

  2. I was just watching a show 2 nights ago about this guy who was making his grandmothers old bread recipe. And I was thinking how fun it would be and that I have GOT to make my own bread now! But I would much rather tackle this with you, because I don't think I could do it on my own. It would be waaaay more fun. I am so with you on the farmhouse sink!! I want that look in my kitchen so bad. If I could redecorate or move my house would be one big old farmhouse. LOVE that look.

  3. Here's a gluten free recipe: I'm making it right now.

  4. Lehmans!?!?!? You love Lehmans!!!!! Ok, that settles it. We are related.


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