Thursday, January 20, 2011

My 18th anniversary and Lolli's 15th birthday!

In the last week of my pregnancy with my 3rd child, January of 1996, I prayed, Lord please don't let her be born on our anniversary! 
But lo and behold she was. And she kept me up all night in labor, only to arrive at 4am on January 20, 1996.
Happy 15th Birthday Lauren Faith.  I love you very much, I thought you were going to be my only daughter and my last child.
You are such a precious gift to me!

One might ask, why would you get married in January?
Well I'll tell you why.
Because it was spur of the moment, a wonderful adventure, why not?

Hubby and I started dating around Christmas of 1992.  January came around and he said hey, I have a business trip in Vegas do you want to go?

I at the time was living with my parents with Josh.
So I said,  Oh I can't, my parents would never babysit Josh for us to go on a trip together, because were not married.

Hubby said, Well lets get married then!
I think I said, Really?  OK!

I remember how exciting it was, we looked at a calendar and said well what day should our anniversary be on?
Somehow we picked January 20, which I think was a Wednesday.
That day my parents met us at the courthouse along with Josh, who was 2, and my friend.
We were married by a judge ( the same judge who gave me my restraining order and divorce from my first husband...) in his office, very casual.  I still have the dress I wore and the shirt hubby wore.
And that was that.  Hubby went back to work after that.

We went on that 3 day business trip to Vegas, hubby had to work and my in-laws and grand in-laws were there, so was that really a honeymoon? No.

Maybe someday we will go on a honeymoon.  Well I don't actually believe that, not with my husband's history of gifts.
But I still love him, very much, much more than I did 18 years ago.
We had no idea of where our lives together would take us.
No idea the things we would go through.

You know it's hard to start a life together fresh off a divorce, with a raging ex husband, with a child from another man, suprising the in-laws after the fact, no where to live, only knowing each other for 4 weeks....

But we did it!
God blessed it.
And I am thankful.

I love you honey!

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  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Bday to your daughter! Loved your wedding story!


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