Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Last night Sophie had a hankering to do the dishes.  So I threw caution to the wind and said...


Right before that, me and the girls declared it was going to be a GIRLS NIGHT!!!
Which means I made brownies from scratch and we were gonna eat them with Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Cuz if there is one thing my dad taught me, it is that Breyers is the ONLY brand of ice cream you buy.

We decided to include hubby in girls night.  Just as soon as Soph was done with the dishes.
So in the above photo, Soph has drenched her shirt and is screaming wildly, so her big sis Lolli, or
Koeten, as Soph calls her...
Koeten went to comfort her and take her shirt off.



I say, WHY NOT, do the dishes topless!

As all good dishwashers do, Soph proceeded to lick all the chocolate off the utensils in the dirty sink before she put them in the dishwasher... ya, I had a hard time with that one too.

But....heck........WHY NOT!

I say if everything is going to pot, you might as well have some chocolate.

She rinsed and soaped up and scrubbed and when Koeten tried to help her put a measuring cup in,
out came the shrill death scream again.

she was doin this


So eventually I had to pry her cold soapy hands from the dishes that were left,
to big for her to throw in...and give her a bath.
Actually Koeten gave her a bath..
We all worked together, I cleaned up the kitchen, hubby finished the dishes, Koeten bathed Soph and Portia put laundry away.

And then we all had brownie's with ice cream and chocolate syrup!

And after everyone went to bed , except me and Lolli...
We watched a cake show and dreamed up what our own bakery will look like some day.

We decided on a vintage interior with all pink appliances and white buffalo china.

Note to hubby, said china is for sale at Williams Sonoma. We could test it out at Stella's.
(Stella's would be what hubby calls our kitchen).

We will serve pastries:
whatever Rue (Lauren)  comes up with.
Poor girl has to many nicknames...

And we are going to wear pink waitress dresses with white aprons and serve coffee and pastries.
No espresso, this is vintage, well maybe chai tea.

This night has left me asking myself

As I watched the cake show with my creative apprentice I remembered the phrase:

If you knew you could not fail, what would you do?

I do not have to search for an answer to that, I have a whole list.
And I ask myself



  1. Oh Prudy ~

    This is one of the best posts ever. I love the photos. LOVE them. Doesn't every girl do the dishes sans top?

    And your Why Nots? Absolutely!!!

  2. adorable!

    still thinking about my answer. hmmm ...

    thank you so much for your sweet and comforting words on my recent blog post. i'm very touched.


  3. Such a precious post. Thank you for taking the time to take pictures and write about it. These are great memories in the make!!!!


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