Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Friday~Milk Shake

Growing up my dad always made fresh egg nog every Christmas.  I just love the taste of the creamy blended milk and cinnamon.

But this is not an egg nog recipe.  I will admit I am a little afriad to eat raw eggs now days.  Even though I know it is really OK.  I would prefer to make egg nog with fresh eggs from the farmers market, not store bought eggs.

So I thought, well,  I'll just make something without the egg.
And here is what I came up with!

Milk Shake

8 oz of whole milk
a huge heaping scoop of plain greek yogurt
1 tsp of vanilla
sprinkles of cinnamon
a few squirts of agave nectar
a bit of ice

Put all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth and frothy.
Enough to share!

I accidentally put in to much cinnamon this morning.  I made this last night too and I had the perfect amount.  But that's ok.....did you know cinnamon is really good for you?

These milk shakes are sooooooooooooo good.  They are a comfort food for me.

Today my dad is flying in for a week!  Sophie and I are going to pick him up at the airport at lunchtime.
So I'll ask him for his egg nog recipe. 

We will celebrate Christmas early next week and then the girls and hubby and I and grandpa will fly to Minnesota on Christmas day.

The boys are going to stay home because they both have jobs and they will feed the cows, take care of the dogs, keep the house spotless in case there is a showing.......

HA HA HA HA!!!....... YA RIGHT!!

They had better be on their toes!!


  1. Yum! Those milkshakes look great! sounds like you have a lovely holiday planned! Thanks for you kind words today, I am praying that next year will find you in a new place for the holiday!
    Blessings on your Christmas!

  2. Sweet friend...thank you for your Christmas card...what a lovely blessing in the mail!

    Hugs of love..peace..hope...promise..contentment and pure delight in 2011.xoxo


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