Friday, December 14, 2012

3 bits for my younger self

I'm up early today drinking my homemade iced coffee and reading my blog list.  I've recently discovered Gussy Sews, actually I'm sure I've met her at The Creative Connection Event?  I'm sure... I know I've seen her cute products somewhere!  Anyway I'm linking up with her coffee date today...

The question is what 3 things would you tell your younger self?  I'll try to narrow it down to 3!

First is: Be yourself.  You really are beautiful, your just the way God wanted you, embrace who you are.  Forget what others think.

Second is:  And it ties in with the first... You can do whatever you set out to!  Don't be afraid!  Take a risk!  Even if you fail, at least you tried!

Third is:  Please don't settle for that abusive boyfriend... PLEASE dont' marry him!  Being single is OK!  You don't need a boyfriend!  It's ok to make mistakes, pick yourself up and MOVE ON.  Stop carrying guilt from bad choices around!  oops is that 4 rolled into 3?

Which leads me to the realization of what I've been telling my daughter!  I'm telling her to chose the "safe" route, she has grand dreams and I am always there trying to support them but then adding, it really isn't reality sweetie, do you really think you can do that?  Oh shame on me!
I'm going to give her wings and let her fly!

So go join Gussy for coffee.


  1. I think this is beautiful. I love the reminders that you have written for yourself. I, too, have a habit of doing the same thing with my daughter and need to let go and let her soar. thanks for linking up this week friend. xo

  2. Take a risk, that was #1 on my list.
    btw, the bags in your Etsy shop look adorable :)

  3. Great list my is hard to be a mom and let them go and make their own choices.. Sigh!
    May you find joy in every corner on this busy week before Christmas my friend. xoxo


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