Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lollibag's & Why Not? moments


I did not find a chandelier................yet.  I am not sure when I will, but I'm in no rush.  Actually, it is something I would like to check off my list, but what can I do?  I have not found anything I'm in love with yet.

I currently have 77 Lollibag's in stock and ready to sell.  I would like to have 100 for The Creative Connection Event in 4 weeks.  That means I have to make 5.76 bags per week to meet my goal.

You know lovely suprises?  I had one, I found some gray linen in my fabric stash!  It was used for these Lollibag's.....

They sold out the first night of the show last year, so I was so, so happy to find that linen.  I am making a few more of these.

I also found some black linen!  I had no idea I had any!  I have never sold any Lollibag's with a black flower so I will try that.  Well actually I made my best friend a black flower bag, I forgot about that.....

Speaking of my best friend, she had a "Why Not?" moment this weekend...  What is a why not moment?  It is a moment when you say to yourself......WHY NOT?   A moment where you are tired of talking yourself out of things.  Can't we all find reasons why we should NOT do something???

I, DAILY, talk myself out of things.  But the last couple of years I have been asking myself.... well, Why Not? 
Why not try to make money at sewing handbag's?
Why not go on a girls trip to an exotic place?
Why not pray for that thing you don't think will get answered?
Why not move back to Minnesota?


So please don't be mad at me best buddy..... but, her why not moment was on a lake this weekend.  She was hot and wanted to swim but didn't have her swim suit.  She said to herself.... why not?  So she whipped off her dress and went tubing with her bra and undies.   Why not?  That's what a bikini looks like!
And to her I tip my hat, we should all have more WHY NOT? moments!!!

What is your, why not?


  1. Why Not is so freeing=)..thanks for the encouragement! Cannot wait to see your lolli lovlies @ TCC!

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog! Yes, we will see you at TCC! I still have my bag from last year and have received so many compliments, I might just need to get another one :) See you soon!


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