Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chandelier Shopping

That is what I am doing today, chandelier shopping.  I have a budget and I am hoping I will find something I like in that budget.    What do I want?  Well I am thinking something gaudy, dripping with something or other.  My high ceilings call for grandiose!

I have always gotten your average black 6 arm plain chandelier.  I want to go crazy this time.

Even  if it doesn't scream "ME".... I will consider it.  The reaction I want would be for someone to see it and be a bit.....STARTLED, by how different it is.

Who knows, maybe the "startled" look is not in my budget.

I am expanding my taste.  Normally modern is not something I would even consider.  But not so much anymore.  If I like it, I will use it.

I'll take that bathtub while were at it too.  THAT, I know is not in the budget!

I am not opposed to something simple like this green one, as long as it is COLORFUL while being simple.  I am keeping an open mind, to all but price that is....

So wish me luck ladies, or I may just have to make it myself.  My husband may walk into the dining room one day and see all of our bowls and silverware hanging from the ceiling!


  1. What fun...I am sure you will find the perfect one!

    I took some of mine from my old home with me to the new home...just need to get them up...but I would love to find one with turquoise crystals.

    Hope your Summer is going well my sweet friend. xoxoxoxo

  2. What did you find?? How fun to get to go shopping for a chandelier!!


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