Monday, November 25, 2013

Found and a coupon for my etsy shop!

I just love when I find little things that make me smile.  Here are my latest finds......

I found this BLOG from pinterest.  I watched her Top Knot Tutorial and have been wearing my hair this way.  She is super cute and its funny I think of myself still in my 20's but um, I have a son her age.  She is 23 and has a little boy.  Then I realized that it may not be too long before I am a grandma my child has a child.  Yes I prefer that much better to the *g* word.  No way, no how, am I ready to enter g-hood.

My sister and I have been going to IKEA every few weeks.  We buy a little something for the house each time.  I saw this ORANGE CHAIR and fell in love. Then I sat in this orange chair and fell deeper in love.  The back is slightly reclined so it makes for a cozy reading spot.  I want it very badly.  But my thrifty side is saying wait till it is in the current Ikea Family Discounts.  Hopefully that will be soon.

My second son, Nic, has become obsessed with Sriracha Sauce. He stayed at our house recently with his sisters while hubby and I were out of town .... my oldest daughter became obsessed also.  So I was excited when I found this Sriracha dress at 50% off!  Sold.

I am about to share my most wonderful find!  Ready??  Hail Merry Chocolate Miracle Tart!  The most decadent treat ever.  I realize that I linked you up to the expensive pack of 12.  BUT, they have them in single portions at Whole Foods.  Only $4.99 each.  I know, I know, that is still expensive, but you can make each tart last 4 days, if you can control yourself.  What really makes these a miracle is that they are good for you!!

So, do you like my finds?  I really do.  You know what else?  I love it when I find something on sale!  Here is my Thanksgiving weekend coupon for my ETSY SHOP.  In case you did not know, I changed my shop name from lollipookiesoap to prudynan.

I don't like the name black Friday or cyber Monday... I much prefer PINK.  Use code PINK25 for 25% off this weekend, starting Friday Nov. 29 and ending Monday Dec. 2.
Coupon may not be used on previous purchases or custom orders.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for my followers and customers!

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