Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aprons, bone broth, blog design, lollibags, sea shells....

Yes I am going to talk about all five!  First off let me say... do you know I still have unpacked bins from the farm in Oregon????  I know!  It's terrible.  But the bins are full of my vintage decor and things I just love but don't have a place for.  I have a huge bin full of sea shells.  I love the ocean and I love sea shells.

I originally started collecting sea shells  because I saw a picture in a magazine ( a loooong time ago) of a wall built out of sea shells.  This guy made a wall by his outdoor shower out of sea shells and concrete.  I fell in love.  I have always meant to build my own sea shell wall someday, somewhere and have yet to get around to it.  But maybe next summer will be the year.

Anyway, I found my bin with my vintage aprons and aprons I made in Oregon.  I love them all but never use them and thought I should put them in my Etsy Shop.  So I will be doing that in the next week.


I've really have neglected sewing lately, because I have been crocheting!  I saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest......

And now I am completely obsessed!  This is called a sunburst granny square.  The squares behind the sunburst are regular granny squares.  This just SCREAMS happiness!  So after watching two video's and reading three different written directions and ripping out no less than 15 tries of granny squares, and wanting to throw my computer across the room,  I FINALLY  got it!  And I have made about 30 regular granny squares and 1 sunburst granny square so far.  So yes, my poor lollibag's have taken a back burner...... but not for long.

As I am typing, my kitchen is full of the most wonderful ArOmA, bone broth. I know it sounds disgusting.  But I just read about it here, so I am giving it a go.  After Thanksgiving dinner I threw my turkey carcass in the freezer with all the drippings and it is simmering away in my crockpot and it smells divine.  It actually smells healthy, if that is possible! And I love, love, love soup.  Love making it, love eating it.  So I will be making soup, soup, soup and more soup out of my bone broth!

On to blog design.  I am lost, I have no clue how to change up my blog.   I have no idea how to do a blog button... these things?  Well it's like I'm reading Japanese.  Will someone please point me in the direction or tell me how to do all this?  Or tell me who to hire or SOMETHING? 
Thanks :)


  1. Beautiful new bags!! Can't wait to see the aprons! ;) Love, love the sunburst grannies!! Looking forward to seeing all of yours! For the blog design, I had the sweet Keren of Free Pretty Things For You do mine. She is awesome and so talented!! ;) Happy Weekend! xo Heather

  2. Your new bags are stunning the last one is soooo adorable.
    I have oodles of things still packed away from our more a year and a half day...I know it will be fun to find all my old goodies.
    Happy new is starting to look like Christmas around here. xoxox


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