Saturday, September 8, 2012

1/2 bath redo

When my husband goes out of town for work, I usually redo something in the house, it's just easier that way.  I have my own methods.  Recently hubby (lucky guy) got to go to Australia, so I tackled the 1/2 bath.  And when I say tackle, that is exactly what I mean.  I have to take a running leap to tackle these 12ft. ceilings.  It is beyond me why a person would need 12ft ceilings, I don't know what the builders of this house were thinking and we really didn't put much though into them being a problem..... until I ordered window coverings, we started paying to heat and cool that extra space, and I decided I wanted to paint!

My dad  brought over his 10ft ladder for me to use.  That sucker is heavy, I have never used so many muscles in my body.  I had to constantly lift and turn the ladder to reach the different walls, oh and I'm afraid of heights, oh and there is no room for a paint tray up there so up and down up and down I went.  The bathroom is small so the ladder never fully extended and that was another issue but oh well.  I got a good workout!

So here is the before picture, above...  My plan  was to stencil a  really cool design over a dark color.  I chose frosted plum for the base.

I really liked it at first.....

And then I got the whole room done and it was sooooo purple I was a bit worried.

But I knew the stencil would break it up a bit.  I went to the store and got a cream color called wax figure or something.  I put up my stencil and started.... and right away I knew this was not going to work.  I mean, OH MY LANDS, this was not going to work.  It was near impossible to balance myself atop  a 10ft ladder while not getting excess stencil paint where it should not be, while the blue tape held it's stickiness, and not to mention the corners, this stencil did not want to go easy into the corners, and after the first two stencil area's and strings of not so nice words I was done.

I thought oh great!  I cannot leave these walls all purple!  So not to overdo the stripe theme, but what choice did I have???  I decided to put big stripes up and then I decided well lets do all different sizes of stripes then I won't have to be so "precise".  Cuz  let me tell you it was a good 20 degrees hotter at the top of that room and sweat was dripping off me and it's dark up there and I'm balancing and trying to get a straight line with my level, every couple feet I had to get down and lift and turn that ladder.

Sorry I'm whining so much.

So I taped up my stripes and painted the creamy color, and I got that done......and I don't have a picture of that color done, but this is why I do this when hubby is out of town... I HATED THE COLOR!

The cream just looked so dirty, I was going for a clean crisp look.  Sigh.  Back to Home Depot for the 3rd time, I picked up falling snow, a nice crisp white!  I had to RE-TAPE the cream and start the stripes over.  But I ended up loving this new white.

I had one more stripe in the cream color at the top of the walls and I said oh heck no, I ain't taping that sucker again!!  So I purpled over the very top stripe.

Most importantly, my hubby like it!  That was a relief.  So he wasn't too upset when he found out I had ordered a new light that he had to install.

I had to take the picture with the light off, because it was so bright.  When we took the old light down, there was so much dripped painted and lines, I had to sand the wall to paint so there would not be lumps.

So this was the project that never ended but in the end I am very happy with how it turned out!  Now I need to find a gaudy white framed mirror and some decor.  I am not sure what type of decor though.

Next week I am going to Junk Bonanza, so hopefully I will find something there!

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  1. Love it!! You did such a great job!! Have fun at the Junk Bonanza!! ox Heather


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