Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Lollibags~Chevron

Well I have long admired Chevron and finally ordered a bunch of Chevron fabric.  My yellow Chevron Lollibags are going quickly, so I just ordered even more.  Here are some of my latest bags.

This is Jessica Swift fabric in Preeti.  Isn't it cute?  Remember I am putting her wallpaper in my 1/2 bath too.  I think I have finally made a decision on which one.  More on that later. 

The yellow is my favorite.  I just made Lauren a bag like this only smaller.  The pink flower is vintage polyester.

We are coming up on a year in Minnesota.  I think I am finally liking it here.  Of course I am so grateful to God for the move and all it entailed and for God providing for us.  But I was just hanging on to Oregon for some reason.  BUT, I just love being able to call up my friend and sister and be able to go to coffee or shopping.  I really appreciate my kids having their Grandpa.

So speaking of Oregon.  I am going out for a quick weekend in June.  It is both happy and sad.  My close friend, who has been like a mom to me, has liver cancer.  I'm really excited to see her.  And of course my friends and the farm.  It will be so wierd seeing the farm!!!

You know how when you go through a huge life change like an out of state move, or your mom dies... after a certian amount of time you begin to question if you really ever did live in that other state or you really did have a mom?  I know wierd, but those of you who have experienced it...KNOW what I'm saying.  So anyway, kinda fun I get to go back to what I still feel like is my home ~ Oregon :)

Do you have any BIG plans for summer?  Or not so big plans?


  1. Prudence, I am wondering how to you clean these bags when they get dirty. Can you put them in the washing machine?

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    All of my Lollibags are washable! They are machine wash cold, I usually say delicate cycle. Line dry. Iron if needed. I always wash my fabric before I sew with it.
    That being said.... I have washed them in warm and tumble dried them low. BUT to be safe, I say cold water, delicate, line dry.

  3. Love your Lollibags, Prudence!! So cute, and perfect for the summer!! I will be praying for you friend! Hope you have a blessed visit to Oregon!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  4. Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower! Your bags are just lovely!!


  5. Oh....I sooo love the chevron...alll three of them!! =)!!


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