Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Lollibag's and Redecorating..

Hello friends,

I know I have been in my home less than a year but I have the itch to redecorate.  I'd love some gaudy, bright, floral wallpaper, huge crystal chandeliers and a bright orange sofa.  Problem is, like my BFF and I always takes money.  But I am going to tackle one room at a time and my first project is my 3/4 bath.  I'll keep you posted....

Here are some new Lollibags :)

This one sold right away, it was so bright and cheery!  Love Heather Bailey fabric.

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  1. Love all your sweet and pretty Lollibags!! Redecorating sounds fun!! Have a wonderful Monday and week! ;) xo Heather


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