Monday, February 27, 2012

Root Vegetables

I have always wanted to try them.... celery root, rutabaga, turnips... you see on Iron Chef America, the chefs make parsnip puree.  It all sounds so good.  But I have no idea how to prepare any of them and I am actually scared of what root veggies will taste like. 

I tried beets once and they tasted like dirt.  I wish I liked beets because they are so healthy for you!  I follow a blog, DIY Natural, and today is a post on Root Vegetables!  So I'm going to take the plunge and buy some root veggies and try the two recipes.  Also in the comments section there is another recipe that sounds so so good.  A warm hearty soup.  I love soup! 

We are expecting a blizzard tomorrow, so I am going to cook some up and watch the snow!

Do you ladies have any recipes with root vegetables?  Are they good?

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